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The ToTheCrowd St Valentine’s Mixtape

This year ToTheCrowd and guests have your back when it comes to the Valentine’s mixtape, if you are looking for romance, a mood builder or you hate Valentine’s Day and love we are one step ahead click through the tabs and thank us later when you are heralded as a master of the mixtape.

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In the immortal(ish) words of Scroobius Pip; ‘Thou shall not use poetry, art or music to get into a girls pants, use it to get in their heads’ Here is a few recommendations of how to use someone else’s music to get into a special someone’s ears/head/heart this St Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for romance try these ten gems on a mixtape/mixCD/MixUSB

Frank Turner – Rock and Roll Romance

An almost perfect piece of folk punk romance but easy on the romance, despite having some less than romantic references the general gist of the song is nothing but an individual take on love.

Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life

If you want to show a girl you know music with a bit of edge this is a great example of a wonderful love song. It’s lyrically clever, vocally delicate and perfectly balanced creating a solid mixtape addition.

Hot Club De Paris – Boy Awaits Return of the Runaway Girl

Lyrically this is an absolute beauty and a fine example of a self-loathing piece of romance. In the end the boy gets the girl and everyone is happy, so this is a track that will sink in lyrically after a few listens and the best kind of mixtapes have longevity

Best Coast – Boyfriend

If you were hoping for some sun drenched loveliness with a pretty voice look no further than Best Coast. This is possibly the best love song on an album full of love songs of sorts and this is dedicated to a human rather than cats and weed.

Walter Schreifels – Ballad of Lil Kim

There is something romantic about every aspect of this song; lyrically it’s equally stalky and sweet. The intrigue shown revolves around the small things and I guess shows as much true romance as anything else on the list.

De La Soul – Eye Know

A love song from the greatest hip hop album ever made (Three Feet High and Rising) what else could you possibly want on a mixtape.

Laura Stevenson and the Cans – The Pretty One

This is the loveliest song on a truly beautiful album lyrically and vocally this is a way to find your way into someone’s heart via their ears.

Cheap Girls – Her and Cigarettes

The sentiment behind this song is pretty personal but there are some killer lyrics in this DIY piece of indie punk.

White Stripes – Fell in Love with a Girl

This little burst of pure love will take up no time at all on your mixtape and is pretty much my favourite love song of all time. In my opinion it sounds like falling head over heels in love it’s fast brash and somehow beautiful.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Lana is a common guilty pleasure amongst my friends who have a similar taste in music and I always wonder why any music is a guilty pleasure lyrically and vocally she’s got something special. This is by far the best love song on ‘Born to Die’ which is an all killer no filler record. Lyrically there is something hauntingly honest about the song which basically documents being hopelessly devoted.


If you want to be prepared for a Valentines date that’s gone well or maybe just want to set the mood when you get home I would recommend getting a few of these tracks blasting out for that special someone.

Colour Me Bad – I Wanna Sex You Up 

If you want to give up on even attempting to subtly attract your partner this cheesy cringe worthy piece of R&B will maybe do the job or at least raise a smile and everyone is attracted to funny people right? Ideally you kind of need the smarmy video to make the song work.

The Coathangers – Nestle in My Boobies

Again a little bit of an offer in a furious fashion, who needs subtlety when you get to the end of such a mixtape?

Tall Ships – Plate Tectonics

This is a sexual metaphor filled piece of genius which also has the advantage of effortless cool and possibly creates a new chat up line stolen from the line ‘we collide together like tectonic plates’.

Ben Folds – Bitches Aint Shit (Dr Dre cover)

This is quite possibly the most offensive song in the world, but has some truly graphic images created without the use of subtle lyrics or metaphor. The Ben Folds cover adds a few niceties to the track with sweet pianos and a delicate voice sadly it also adds clarity and the ability to hear every single word. There is maybe an argument that lyrics like this can only make you look like a better lady/gentleman than the awful picture of a human painted by the lyrics.

The Max Levine Ensemble – It’s Make Out Time

In effect this is an offer and a compliment all in one and similarly to the White Stripes mentioned in the romance section its fast and furious like your heart when you kiss that special someone.

The Hold Steady – Chips Ahoy!

Essentially this is the prime example of a sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle chuck in the jeopardy that comes from gambling and you’ve got a backward piece of romance tinged with lust and drug abuse. The romance is added with the line ‘she’s hard on the heart and soft on the touch’ and removed almost entirely by the chorus.

Hot Chip – One Pure Thought

From the off this sounds like it should be a nice loving piece of alternative electronica in fact it is quite the opposite but maybe a good one to stick on early days as a little like Tall Ships there is a subtlety to the track.


In the titling of Brendon Benson sometimes at this time of year you want ‘An Alternative to Love’ here are the tracks I would chuck on the anti-mixtape maybe the one for a cynic or an ex-partner.

The National – Terrible Love

From the opening line; ‘It’s a terrible love and I’m walking with spiders’ to the fuzzy feedback filled ending this is a beautifully bleak piece of music perfect for ignoring Valentine’s day in a grump.

Matthew Reynolds – Through with Love

This is a weeper there’s no two ways about it, lyrically there are so many killer lines that could slay even the most cynical of hearts and vocally the fragile emotion is enough to make anyone loose hope.

Ben Marwood – Tell Avril Lavigne I Never Wanted to be Her Stupid Boyfriend Anyway

Gentle sombre guitars make way for the gentle vocal anger that ongoing heartache causes. This is an emotional piece of clever song writing packed with almost unintentional bitter humour. The song writing cleverly creates moments of hope before gently pulling them away from underneath you and replacing them with questions and heart ache.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love

This is a song that was apparently made famous by Birdy (I’m not sure who she is), but the original is another slayer from the sombre guitars to the gentle emotive vocals which escalate into bitterness this sounds like all hope is lost. Throw in some troubling lyrics and cynicism is your best friend. The line that kills me is ‘now all your love is wasted, then who the hell am I?’

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

I can’t think of a song with fewer lyrical positives in essence this is a song about a woman who has to clear up after a wedding which makes her sad then she dies alone. Bizarrely it’s my favourite Beatles song by a country mile possibly because deep down I am a massively grumpy old git.

Reuben – Good Luck

This is another weeper and documents the upset of losing a job you love then the demise of a relationship with the use of brutal lyrical honesty.

The Secret Machines – Alone, Jealous and Stoned

This is the ultimate piece of floaty space-rock sadness; from the distorted opening to the fuzzy guitars this track screams unhappiness through honest lyrics and emotive vocals.  The video is also a killer.

Tuung – With Whiskey

This is a simple drink away your woes kind of song, because everyone knows nothing cures heartache like a depressive. There are some warm electronic bleeps and glitches hidden away amongst disjointed strings and subtle guitars take sadness and make it uncomfortable and haunting. Lyrical references to past lovers joining torn up photos are poignant and wrench at the heart.

Slow Club – Giving Up On Love

This is almost a celebration of those disillusioned with love, unhappy lyrics are expertly hidden behind an upbeat backing. Slow Club know exactly how to write a catchy pop song even if it does damn love to hell.

Spritualized – Broken Heart

This uncomfortable piece of heart ache is a stone cold killer, if you don’t feel tears approaching the corners of your eyes during this uncomfortable epic you are either cold, strong or in love. The vocal balance absolutely highlights the sensitive lyrics and creates an uncomfortable bond with this expertly written piece of sadness.


Valentines Day… whether you’re loved up or single, there’s one thing that at least both parties can enjoy… music! Here’s my selection for the TTC Mixtape.


One of the most beautiful songs ever and written by Randy Newman. You probably don’t know it, but you would have come across his work at some point in your life. He is the man behind the music in many of the major Disney films.

However, this rendition can be seen heard in the Hollywood movie, My Sister’s Keeper and performed by one of my favourite singer/song writers, Edwina Hayes. She’s currently up and down the country, so if she’s near you, go check her out!


I can’t stop there. Other romantic corkers for me, are…

Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me

Not just for the month of February!


Otic Reading – This Arms Of Mine

A simply stunning beautiful song. Just listen to the lyrics.


Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My Feet

One of my favourite artists ever. Of course, the classic ones for Valentines are Isn’t She Lovely and I Just Called To Say I Love You, but Knocks Me Off My Feet is the one that makes it to my playlist.


Bob Marley – Is This Love

No explanation necessary!



A classic. I don’t see nothing wrong, with a little Bump n Grind.



Too much lovey dovey? Add this to your alternative playlist. Both absolute tunes.

Mary J Blige – No More Drama

Mary J Blige don’t need the trouble in her life, so she sung about it.


Kelis – Caught Out There

Think the chorus is pretty self explanatory!

Love is bitter sweet isn’t it? So I’m going to apologise for my slightly sour Valentine’s Day playlist. Get your massive tubs of ice cream ready – here we go.

The XX – Angels

At least it starts out well. This beautiful song by The XX is haunting and pure. A great start to a romantic Valentine’s Day Mixtape even if I do say so myself.

Biffy Clyro – Many Of Horror

Relationships aren’t easy – you argue, sometimes you hate each other and it never runs as smoothly as you want. Sometimes you collide but that passion forces you together.

King Charles – Love Blood

A nice and happy song about loving someone so much. You’re more than welcome to have a little dance to this one.

Radiohead – Creep

Stop dancing!

Incubus – I Wish You Were Here

Incubus were my band of choice in my younger days. Well more accurately, I loved their Morning View album. It’s always nice to look back on your naivety when it came to love.

Foo Fighters – Everlong

Another song about passion and those moments of bliss.

Seal – Kiss From A Rose

Once Ben and Me sang this song together and the neighbours came around to get Seal’s autograph. We were that good!

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

Nothing lasts forever. The whole of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album was written about each other’s crumbling relationships. This song perfectly captures these feelings of hurt and anger.

Biffy Clyro – Biblical

Not one of the best Biffy Clyro songs but it has meaning to me. So I’ll end my mixtape on this.


Kelis- Caught Out There
Sorry guys, but I hate Valentine’s Day. The whole affair makes my skin crawl. I can’t think of anything less romantic than a tacky card and an ‘I wuv u!’ stuffed toy that let’s be honest, you’re going to hide in disgust the minute your partner leaves the room.

I can’t think of an evening more excruciating than a horribly overpriced meal in a restaurant full of resentful, yet ultimately Hallmark abiding couples who would probably rather bea) on the sofa with a takeaway or b) dancing their feet off and/or snogging in a darkened nightclub.

There is never a time of year which I am more grateful to be single. But I hate it because even though I am single- it is still totally unavoidable. So the day fills me with rage. And hatred. And Caught Out There is surely the ultimate hate song, right? Kelis veers from passive aggressive sneering in the verses before building up to the brilliantly noisy vitriol of the chorus. Feeling angry or bitter towards someone? Or just towards St Valentine himself? Put this on and scream along- it’s catharcism at its very best.

All together now, arrghhhh!


Bright Eyes- First Day Of My Life
I hate Valentine’s Day, soz. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate romance – or more specifically, a beautiful love song. In fact, is there anything more romantic and lovely than sharing a special song with someone? One of my favourite love songs ever written is by the usually embittered Conor Oberst- aka Bright Eyes. The idea that someone has come into his life and enriched it on such a scale that it feels like his life starting over is such an overwhelmingly beautiful statement.


Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing
Let’s just make things clear: Crude, smutty sexualisation in pop music is not the same thing as a thoroughly sexy pop song. Right? So, for example, Miley Cyrus licking a phallic shaped object from a toolbox? Not sexy. Prince yelping that he wants your kiss? Sexy. Robin Thicke sexpesting on you? Not sexy. Donna Summer’s sensuous vocals over I Feel Love’s hypnotic beat? Sexy. Got it? Good.

Pop doesn’t get much sexier than a Marvin Gaye slow jam, ladies and gentlemen. Sexual Healing is the ultimate sexy pop song: I promise that Marvin smoothly crooning through it, the Hot 8 Brass Band giving it the party makeover and Ben Harper’s sweet vocal caress on it are all infinitely more sexy than any popstar gyrating and moaning out boring and obvious innuendos.


I’m not the biggest Valentines day fan, but this article was one I couldn’t possibly miss out on! I am, however, the greatest Beyoncé fan and I could have chose a Queen B song for every section… Hold on, I think just I might?! Watch out for my other choices if Beyoncé isn’t quite doing it for you.


I’m not a great romantic but there are songs that make my heart melt.

Beyoncé – Dangerously In Love
This is my all-time favourite song. Speaks for itself really, but oh my goodness the live version of Beyoncé’s Dangerously In Love is incredible.

K-Ci & JoJo – All My Life
However, if Beyoncé isn’t doing it for you how about a bit of old school Kci & JoJo – This is the ultimate love song in my opinion.

Alicia Keys – No One
Well, it’s perfect – it’s Alicia Keys, love, a piano, and well, Alicia Keys.


A bit like me and not lovey dovey? Here are a few of my favourite ‘anti-love’ tracks.

Beyoncé – Me Myself and I
A classic Beyoncé song. Not into Valentines? Loving life alone? Me Myself and I baby! She doesn’t need a man – she doesn’t need anyone – I hear you B!

Kelis – Caught Out There
I used to sing this song as Kelis would – screaming, hands in the air, ruffling up her hair. Love this! #IHateYouSoMuchRightNow

Five Finger Death Punch – My Heart Lied
I love these guys. This is anti-love at it’s best.


Don’t lie to me and tell me you’ve never heard a sexy song? Pretty Ricky? Beyoncé’s new album? Usher? R-Kelly? Point made I think.

Beyoncé – Partition
Okay, so this song threw all the Queen B fans back – Beyoncé made an explicit sexy song?! Whaaaat?! In fact her new album is nothing but sex. That doesn’t take away from the fact that it is incredible!!

Let’s face it, it’s her “Grown Woman” album – this is for all her grown-up sexy ladies! Enjoy!
As she’s not released her Partition video on Youtube yet check out Drunk In Love below! Warning:Explicit Content

Pretty Ricky – Grind With Me
Ha! Self-explanatory? Sorry guys, but this one’s for the girls! Where have these guys disappeared to anyway?

Chris Brown – Boing
This is just bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Before I start on mine… I ought to set the scene a bit. I’m a pretend, rubbish, “hopeless romantic”, who has always failed at being “sexy” who is about to spend Valentines Day alone… again. So… here goes nothing…


I’m going to break the rules here a little bit. I can’t think of a song about “hating” someone, as I really don’t believe in hating people (new age rubbish right there), so I’m going to go for a “It’s all over” type song, and so, to one of my all time favourite songs, that has got me through more break-up and unrequited love than anything else…

Will Young – Leave Right Now


For me “love” is all about giving your everything to the one you love, and showing them how much you care in whatever way you can. Elton John’s – “Your Song” sums that whole emotion up for me. But, when Ellie Goulding performed a cover of this love classic in 2010, she bought a new raw vocal to the lyrics, and for me, made it even more powerful.

Ellie Goulding – Your Song


Now, sexy is the category I fail at, so I’m going to cheat and bail here…

LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It


Never been a fan of shmalentines day, but I do love a good love song. So here’s a wee playlist.

1.     Lemonheads – Ever

2.     Big Eyes – Back from the moon

3.     Lemuria – Lemons

4.     Lemonheads – Being around

5.     Cheap Girls – Her and cigarettes

6.     The Beatles – I’ve just seen a face

7.     Lemonheads – Outdoor type

8.     Tallest Man On Earth – Thrown right at me

9.     Hooton 3 Car – Time after time (Cyndi Lauper cover)

10.   Lemonheads – Uhhh

Valentine’s Day. Scourge of spending loads of money because card shops say so, and a whole tonne of schmaltzy songs piling to the top of the charts because of idiots…. That’s OK though – ‘cos love is always a good thing, and here’s 3 of my very favourite songs which take a slightly alternative spike on Valentines Day. Broken hearts are still a symptom of love right, and ‘tis better to have loved and lost, than to read my crap.

So here goes:

Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same  – The Research

One of the most beautiful unrequited love songs I’ve ever heard from a criminally underrated band, The Research, this is quite hauntingly beautiful and so stacked with melody it should come with a tears warning… Listen with a whole lot of love as the verse bounces along, swoon at the chorus, and finally lose all pretence of ever getting over THAT ex when the bridge drops. I’m not kidding when I say it’s one of the best indie moments in my record collection, and I will NEVER grow tired of this song. 

Flavour of the Weak – American HiFi

Hot girl. douchebag boyfriend. It’s what music was made for yeah? WHY THE HELL IS SHE WITH HIM? And Jesus did American Hi-Fi nail it with this  popular smash – all wrapped up in a curious Hair Metal vs Punk video with super hot girls in it. Fresh-faced and handsome they may have been, but did these lot ever evoke some bitter hollering at rock clubs circa my university years. It’s not pulling at the heartstrings or anything, being as slick as the nasty boy it portrays, but nevertheless – this is a perfect song for under-sexed rock kids to get furious too. Killer.

You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette

Everyone’s had their hearts broken by an absolute c**t, and everybody wants to deal with it. Whether it’s pitching your expensive engagement ring into a toilety grave or spending a tear-strewn day punching a beach whilst downing industrial strength cider – everybody has a different way to go with the pain/ grief/ anger. What everyone doesn’t realise is that they all have the same song to do it too! This is, simply, the BEST break up song in the world. You, you, you REALLY oughtta know…

Andy O


‘A bunch of tunes that can make you realise how great love can be’‏

Townes Van Zandt – I’ll Be Here In The Morning

Sometimes your lover has to leave, but you know what? It’s going to be okay. A true ‘love conquers all’ tune, this track is a story of a man with his mind set on the open road. But this open road just can’t compare to those ‘blue lit dancin’ eyes’ and ‘yellow shinin’ hair’. This guy is turning that car around. Love is calling him back home.

Joni Mitchell – A Case of You

Every time I hear this song my heart shatters into a thousand pieces. No one can explain how you feel about love like Joni can. How does she make it so simple? How does she take those twisted words and images that run through your head like crazy cattle and turn them into a fine set of instructions on how to tame those beasts? From James Taylor’s beautiful guitar work to Joni’s delivery of ‘I could drink a case of you darling, still I’d be on my feet’ at 1.14 (questionably the most poignant lyric of all time), this is the perfect love song.

Bill Callahan – Small Plane

Sit yourself on a bus, train or plane and get lost in that voice. Let Bill take you to that happy place. For those of you madly in love, correct me if I’m wrong but this is that ‘reflection’. This is that moment where you realise she’s the one. Every thing up until now has been the learning curve. But right now, as Bill whispers in your ear, this is your life and you’re a lucky bugger.

Robyn runs and writes for an awesome website called TWO BEATS OFF she likes death (and love)


Valentine’s Day was never really about love, let’s be honest. One Valentinus, for whom the holiday is named, was executed by Emperor Claudius for failing to renounce his Christian beliefs. Several of the other Saint Valentine’s were martyrs, dying for their particular causes. The Valentine’s Day Massacre resulted in the death of seven mobsters. The 2010 film Valentine’s Day represented the final death of Ashton Kutcher’s career. And so on.

Truly, Valentine’s Day is about death. As are most of these songs.

Misfits – Last Caress

Where would we be without this classic horror punk anthem? Danzig’s angelic tones cover rape, murder and a love affair with death with incomparable joy, and it’s backed by one of punk’s most memorable riffs. Truly, Glenn Danzig is a saviour of the holiday. Were he to show up at my door with a bouquet of black roses and a kitten, I sincerely doubt I would say no.


AFI – Synesthesia

Davey Havok’s always been a bit obsessed with the supernatural, and ‘Synesthesia’ doesn’t exactly do much to break away from this trend. A song about the ghost of a love long lost, this Sing The Sorrow bonus track is as beautiful as Davey’s hair.


Alkaline Trio – This Could Be Love

In the opening track to the best Alkaline Trio album (search your feelings, you know it to be true), Messrs Skiba, Andriano and Grant tell us a tale of murder, torture and a deep, longing love for pyrotechnics. Sing the chorus out loud while you’re waiting for your date to arrive, I guarantee it’ll send out the right impression.

TSOL – Code Blue

TSOL’s most famous song is an ode to necrophilia. Go figure. Literally combining love and death in a fast and furious two-minute banger, it’s surprisingly catchy.

Tiger Army – Rose of the Devil’s Garden

Surely every young woman’s felt the effects of Satan’s temptation at some point? No? Tiger Army would beg to differ. Nick 13 croons about a forbidden and dangerous love over a slow rockabilly beat and ethereal guitar effects and the result is mesmerising.

KISS – Love Gun

Guns are weapons that can kill people. That’s the tenuous link that plants this firmly at the bottom of the playlist. Come on, you’re not getting laid on Valentine’s Day without a little help from KISS. And hey, if your boyfriend asks you to pull the trigger on his love gun, he’s probably a keeper.

A few love related tunes that I do enjoy…

Descendents – Nothing With You

I love the sentiment of this track – I aspire to relax with the other half a lot – but my mind is always running off a million miles a second…

98 Mute – Count On Me

Taking a step back and understanding how lucky you are that people care about you, especially your other half. Amazing band. Feel good tune, feel good album. One of my all time favourites.

Mr T Experience – Now That You Are Gone

My fav MTX song – break up tune. Reminds me of my divorce!

Authority Zero – Superbitch

If Valentines is bittersweet for you, then this is the absolute tune to listen to. Amazing song too – I find AZ quite up and down, but this is one of my favourites. Proper skate punk.


Say Yes – Elliott Smith

The wonderful immediate impact of having someone in your life. I always imagined Elliott sat on the end of his bed, whilst said girl was still sound asleep.

 The Girl – City and Colour

A song about one mans devotion for his lady, someone who feels truly in-debt for the love returned. Mushy, but ace! Oh to have Dallas Greens vocal chords.

You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall and Oates

Yeah, that’s right, what of it? You got to love it, If not just for that scene in ‘500 Days of Summer’.


Backwards Walk – Frightened Rabbit

A song about progression and becoming a better person but still falling into old habits with someone you’re essentially trying to erase from your life for the better

‘You’re the shit and I’m knee deep in it’

Good Luck – Reuben

Partially about relationships but great at summing up the childishness that sometimes rears it’s head at the end of relationships :

if you hurt me, I will hate you, It’s just as simple as that, it’s not mature, and it’s not progressive, that doesn’t alter the fact that….
If you hurt me, I will hate you, if you hurt me, I will erase you, I you hurt me, I will forget you’

Ben Folds Five – Song For The Dumped

The KING of childish break up songs but too good to miss out!

It also features the worlds most 90’s looking music video!

Moving Forward – Get Cape Wear Cape Fly

Beautifully captures a feeling that we’ve all experienced. The classic post relationship sunken heart, but not yet having the strength or foresight to see how things will get better. Chin up kid!


Lap Dance – N*E*R*D

Don’t let the terrible moustache Pharrell has in this video alter your perceptions, it’s still a song that means business. Which leads me nicely into…

Business Time – Flight of the Concords

Team building exercise ’99! Quite.

You Shook Me All Night Long – ACDC

I find what this song needs is less subtlety. I mean what’s sexier than a man dressed in a child’s school uniform and a man in a flat cap singing about love making. That’s right, everything.

Hi I am Rhi i do gigs (BrainWave) / label stuff (Till Deaf Do Us Party) and management (Layers) but I am completely crap at love stuff so sorry for implicating you to my stupid life, but here are some songs that mean something to me

Tall Ships – Ode To Ancestors  – Actually the best love song ever written and probably the most romantic thing you could ever say to another person “This is my ode to your ancestors, Appreciate your recipe, their million year masterpiece” (then a massive disco) I actually have my whole marriage organised around this one song, All i need now is the guy.

Biffy Clyro – Different People

Ever been on a bad date & the relief when you finally get off the train  at your end, basically always put on Biffys’ I AM COMING HOME FOR EVER AND EVER MORE’ and sob, You’ll feel like you are in a crap romcom, my so called crap life or what not. (prob not what the song is actually about but I got this – deal with it(&this actually happened feel sorry for me))

Youves Casino No No

I have written about 10 descriptions for this song and every single one sounds like a trashy romcomporno that your mum found a charity shop & thought I’d like, So without the use of phrases like loins on fire etc I really don’t know what to say. So i scrapped them all this song is just pure SEX. ok?

Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose

I don’t think any artist these days will be able to convey the emotion & heartbreak that this incredible lady does, La Vie En Rose I first heard when I was a wee young whipper snapper every time we went round to a family friends, he would end the evening pissed and singing along to this song at the top of his lungs, this happened a lot! but it is a truly beautiful love song and sums up heartbreak like no other.

The Catharsis – Romance

The inherent growl of Morgans vocals combined with super dirty riffs, Is enough to get any girl weak at the knees right.

Rod Stewart – Do ya think I’m Sexy.. the man is a sex god enough said! Cool points? I have none but a lot of Rod vinyl

I’d like to think of myself as an old romantic. When To The Crowd asked me to write an article for them based around love songs for valentines day I’ll be honest, I was immediately stumped, not because I couldn’t think of any mushy romantic odes to the notion and concept of love but because I’m not sure I believe in love songs.

Given that the parameters for choosing 3 songs (a love song, an anti-love song, and a song for ‘getting down to business’ so to speak) are wildly different in the their own right, I mean ‘love songs’, that’s fairly specific, but ‘anti-love songs’ that could be encompass just about anything. I think I understand what TTC are getting at though so here goes.

A love song

When I say I don’t think I believe in love songs, that’s not to say that I don’t understand the idea of them. I just can’t think of a song that would sum up a personal feeling without having played some part in connecting the song with another person either through lyrics or a shared event or writing the song myself and aiming it at them. With that completely out of mind however I think I’ve found one. 2004’s For Lovers – Wolfman ft. Pete Doherty has everything a good love song should have. A melancholic piano line, lyrics based around romantic escapism, let’s just forget that the two main culprit’s of this song we’re most likely off their heads on class A’s at the same (as rumours suggest, they sold the publishing rights to this song for a very low amount in a pub in London) – How wonderfully romantic!

An anti-love song

Obviously PiL’s This Is Not A Love Song just isn’t going to cut the amorous mustard here, I thought I’d pick something fairly dark; PJ Harvey & John Parish’s Black Hearted Love maybe? I mean, that song has a killer guitar part but maybe something more obscure is needed so I’m going to choose Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead – Gallows, for the sole reason that what could be more more anti-romance than screams of “everybody loves you when you’re fucking dead” followed by a list of punk rock role models.

A song for getting down to it

Anything by Peaches. No seriously, that woman is utterly filthy. Either that or Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye, it’s known as a classic for a reason! What’s that you ask Marvin? What’s going on? Well, it’s Valentine’s day and we’re dusting off the record collection as I write this. Dear god I’m lonely.





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