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Published on June 15th, 2015 | by Ben Adsett


The Cadbury Sisters – Glee Club, Birmingham 12/06/15

There is nothing better than a two show week and I can’t think of a better Friday treat than The Cadbury Sisters in a lovely Birmingham venue.

As seats were taken in the intimate room at the top of the Glee Club the lights went down and the room was filled with the meandering folk of the opening act. Sadly the entire set consisted of gentle meandering and vocals which did little to stir the audience. While there was absolutely nothing wrong with the performance, musically it was tight and accomplished and it remained on point vocally throughout I found it just needed something. Each song gently pottered into the next without escalating into excitement. Maybe I’m just not a folk purist and my personal ignorance allowed something to go completely over my head. It’s more likely that music is a perceptive art form and this act just wasn’t for me.

After the somewhat laborious opener I could not have been more pumped for the Cadbury sisters and their wonderful alt/anti folk pop. As they took the stage adorned in black, it was clear this was a very different Cadbury Sisters from their previous acoustic stylings. Within seconds of the set opener it was clear that the new EP Sarah has taken on new musical challenges and instruments.

Musically these new challenges have been embraced and the shift from razor sharp acoustic melodies to complex musicianship is a game changer. Within this development remain the incredibly precise vocal harmonies which combine and contrast with near perfect precision. These harmonies have always been the thing that sets TCS apart from similar acts, I don’t know whether sharing the same blood line makes these tighter or whether as three musicians they are just in sync but there is a spine tingling quality that is very rarely replicated to them.

The biggest or most noticeable addition is the electronic drums which at times add a driving force to the musicianship within the new material and create atmospheric rhythm.  Within these electronic beats lies a haunting quality which backs up the darker song writing beautifully. This haunting quality radiated from the stage throughout and was escalated by flowing guitars and dark bass lines. ‘Sarah’ the new EP not only shows a development musically it has also allowed these three to move forward as performers and the addition of a full band sound has suited their already finely chiseled stage presence to a tea.

The development in songwriting has really pushed their vocals and musicianship in exciting new directions with lyrical content moving into themes of love, loss and loneliness among many other lyrical themes it’s no surprise that the live set was emotive and had moments of heart wrenching fragility. I suppose in an aesthetic way they have embraced the Smiths line ‘I wear black on the outside because that’s how I feel on the inside’.

On the whole the Cadbury Sisters showed an ever developing class and absolutely slayed in an intimate setting!

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