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Published on February 6th, 2014 | by Ben Adsett


Q&A Austeros

I caught up with Jeremy from Cheltenham power punx Austeros and asked him some questions about the DIY scene, music and love songs.

Hello! How’s it going?

Good thanks.

Is there a deeper meaning to your band name or was it just a good moniker to perform under? 

We wanted the band name to reference one of our favourite TV shows, Arrested Development. Lucille Austero is one of the characters in it. That’s where the name came from! It’s a great show.

You released your first EP Model Home in November how has it been received?

Yeah pretty good I think! People seem to really like it.

(So did I in last weeks review)

The physical copies have a really cool DIY look to them, who designed the package?

They were lovingly crafted and designed by our bassist Steve. The package contains a CD, a lyric sheet, and a screen-printed canvas patch. The first 25 also had polaroids of us in the studio. He’s a solid egg that Steve.

As a band where do you take influence?

It’s hard to define a genre that influences us. The word ‘punk’ is obviously too vague. The terms ‘indie-punk’ ‘power-pop’ and ‘pop-punk’ are all used to describe bands we like, but I think using these labels can be misleading.

Here are some of the bands that made us want to start Austeros: Bangers, Good Luck, Cheap Girls, Muncie Girls, Woahnows, Lemuria…

Are any new influences going to creep into your next set of recordings?

I’ve been listening to Lemonheads pretty obsessively the last few months (particularly their 80’s albums. ‘Lick’ is a masterpiece). Also been getting into 90’s bands like Hooton 3 Car and Brocolli. That will probably show in newer songs, I think?

Is the punk scene in the UK maturing or am I just listening to people my age making punk music?

There’s definitely a ton of great bands in the UK at the moment. Bands that are genuinely breaking boundaries and making music that’s original, intelligent, and insightful – and still fits under the umbrella of ‘punk’.

The underground UK punk scene is slowly starting break into the mainstream through bands like Gnarwolves, Bangers and Woah Nows do you think this will be an advantage to you?

I don’t really agree that it’s going mainstream. That scene is flourishing at the moment, but it’s still DIY. I mean yeah Gnarwolves are doing particularly well (and deservedly so), but I don’t know if that makes any difference to us.

Is the DIY scene better when shows are intimate?

In my opinion yes. I prefer seeing bands in smaller venues, rather than big venues or festival stages. House shows are great too!

IMG_2477a(Photo by Nick Adams)

You had a pretty solid twenty thirteen what were your highlights?

We’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done so far. All the shows, the recording, meeting new people etc…

But our first show definitely stands out. If I could go back to any point in 2013, it would be that night. We opened for Chewing on Tinfoil in our hometown. Our friends came out in force to pack out the venue, and the whole night was awesome. The Chewy lot are just the best; top bananas and an amazing band.

What do the eleven remaining months of twenty fourteen have in store for Austeros?

We’ve got some shows in Spring. Will be announcing dates soon.  Other than that nothing’s set in stone, but we definitely wanna head back to the studio at some point! Might do a full album? Who knows!

Who would you recommend checking out at the moment?

Chewing on Tinfoil and Woahnows both released some incredible records recently. Two faves in the Austeros camp at the moment.

There’s also a new band from Bristol called Personal Best who just put out a song from their upcoming EP. Really excited to hear the full EP.

Boys are a new band from Ohio. Their debut EP is awesome.

Also Max Levine Ensemble, Sport, Bangers, Martha, Muncie Girls, Above Them, Great Cynics, Broadcaster, Caves, Worriers, Nana Grizol, Joyce Manor, Laura Stevenson & The Cans, Arteries, Andrew Jackson Jihad…

Where can I hear more and buy some records?

You can find Austeros merch, downloads, and gig dates on our facebook. It’s all linked to that page.

No records pressed yet!

If you were making a valentines mixtape for a special someone what would be on it? 

Never been a fan of shmalentines day, but I do love a good love song. So here’s a wee playlist;

  1. Lemonheads – Ever
  2. Big Eyes – Back from the moon
  3. Lemuria – Lemons
  4. Lemonheads – Being around
  5. Cheap Girls – Her and cigarettes
  6. The Beatles – I’ve just seen a face
  7. Lemonheads – Outdoor type
  8. Tallest Man On Earth – Thrown right at me
  9. Hooton 3 Car – Time after time (Cyndi Lauper cover)
  10. Lemonheads – Uhhh

IMG_2698(Photo by Nick Adams)

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