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Published on November 7th, 2013 | by Ben Adsett


Luke Scott Dumper – Learning Life the Hard Way

In the last two reviews I have written of Luke’s work I have talked about looking forward to the release of a full length album, and I am now clearly living in the future as there’s a ten track debut album from Luke Scott Dumper blasting through my speakers.

I have had nothing but positive words for this young man from Plymouth since I picked up a copy of his debut EP ‘Different Perspectives’ a few years ago, almost by accident. Within a few plays the individual vocal style of this innocent little release had won me over. As soon as the second EP release ‘Can’t Kill the Cat’ dropped on my doorstep there was an equally gushy review focusing on the development of sound between the two releases.

This debut full length is once more an individual ten-track journey through a diverse musical landscape with plenty of twists and turns along the way. There are some intense build-ups, both vocally and within the complex instrumentation, which really deliver transitions between tracks and the overall narrative within the record.

The biggest development in this record is a darker lyrical context which compliments the, at times, diversely haunting vocal range. There is a clever vocal balance between an almost falsetto style and the strong vocal style which fills the majority of the record, and at all times conveys the correct level of emotion to reflect the open song writing, creating an album full of soul searching and creating an emotive bond with listeners.

Musically this is by far the strongest effort to date and maps a great level of progression between this album and the two EPs that preceded it. There are nods towards almost every style of music or singer songwriter you can think of, with the occasional vocal delicacy of Bright Eyes merging into the lyrical honesty of Frank Turner, the art folk of Devendra Banhart, the bluesy folk punk of The 241ers, and hundreds of other tiny musical reference points. Every one of these points will be different for almost every listener and it’s these tiny combinations that create such an individual sound.

As with everything I have heard so far from Luke Scott Dumper I now want to hear more and see how future recordings develop song writing further. This may be a late contender for my twenty thirteen lists!

Here is a little taste of what to expect



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  1. I will look forward to listening to it!

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