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Published on June 3rd, 2016 | by Ben Adsett



If you are an avid reader of ToTheCrowd you will know that we love 2000Trees Festival, with a line up like this it’s clear that 2000Trees loves ToTheCrowd too.

It is that time of year where I get all gushy about how great this Cotswold festival is and regale readers with at least one story from a past festival. Last year was probably my favourite 2000Trees to date and I was lucky enough to spend it in a field with my oldest friends watching some of my favourite bands. There were so many wonderful moments and the top 5 were:

  1. The Lion and the Wolf absolutely slaying the audience with one of the most emotive and charming sets of the weekend
  2. Solemn Sun stepping onto the stage and looking like they just belong at this festival
  3. Everything about the set Samoans played, charm, wit and just loud enough to blow the cobwebs away
  4. Cleft Stepping onto the mainstage and filling the entire field with math rock melodies
  5. Reliving my youth with Alkaline Trio

So on to this year here are the 5 bands you want to note down for each day and 10 for Saturday because the line-up for Saturday is that good:


Jim Lockey

2000Trees most capped player, playing acoustic songs from all releases and a promise of new material. This going to be the nicest possible way to a festival started. A cold one, the solemn sun of 2000Trees playing on home turf and surrounded by a singalong audience.


Rob Lynch

A bit like Mr Lockey this is going to be a lovely way to get Thursday afternoon underway, fingers crossed for sunshine, cold drinks and yet more singalongs. There will also be cuts from Rob’s second album for sure.


Ben Marwood

Thursday was looking good and in the shape of Marwood it is now looking great. Expect a hero’s welcome as he has been out of the game for over a year and yet more singalongs. If you are following this list your voice will probably be going by this point!


Milk Teeth

This is going to be a triumphant home town(ish) hero/heroine’s return after an enormous year of touring with all your favourite bands. Milk Teeth are going to bring a set full of grunge-punk bangers and play them fast and loud.


The Bronx

LA’s finest hardcore punk band is the perfect way to end any festival line up and as far as early entry goes this is a killer ending. The Bronx will play brash hardcore fast, loud and with an incredible amount of stage presence, there is so much material in their back catalogue that this set is guaranteed to be all killer no filler.



Happy Accidents

HA are a recent Alcopop! signing, which is pretty much its own quality stamp. They play indie punk and they play it well. 2000Trees is a festival where you find your new favourite bands and these are sure to be on the list.



To put it simply Brawlers are the best punk band in the UK right now, this is based on a combination of their live sets and the hit fest debut LP. With a new EP on the way which is sounding huge, this is going to be one of the most memorable sets of the weekend.



This illusive local hardcore band have an enormous reputation and with their carefully chosen live dates they have created a huge reputation. They are expansive, heavy and incredible live, they are probably the best band you have never seen play live.


The Smith Street Band

Australian fun-punks, playing fun Australian punk.


Moose Blood

Moose Blood are about to join the list of 2000Trees alumni who go on to take over the world. They play a clever post-hardcore early emo cross over and in the last twelve months have played everywhere and with some incredible acts.



Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers

Like a Pokemon Andy Oliveri has evolved into a shoe-gaze alt folk front man, with the backing of the mountaineers the sound is expansive and floaty. This set is going to be the perfect cure after two days of festival fun, there is going to be a tent full of fuzzy warmth and of course those signature Oliveri vocals.


The Spills

Another act with the Alcopop quality stamp, playing fuzzy indie punk and making huge waves both on a musical and influential level. The Spills were a well kept secret but have now blossomed into an incredible live act combining the perfect amount of polish and roughness.



Sam Duckworth is one of the UK’s best songwriters under the banners of both his own name and Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly he has released some incredible music, created an incredible reputation and played incredible shows. Recreations see Sam reimagining his song-writing and performance and creating some of his best material to date.



Much like Moose Blood Creeper are a band currently on a meteoric rise at the moment and the last twelve months have been incredibly kind to them. They have played shows everywhere and shared stages with everyone. The Creeper cult will be out in force and this is sure to be one of many stand out sets during the weekend.


Terrible Love

The recent self-titled EP has catapulted this band into the front of the UK hardcore scene, they have all been in bands in a similar position before and the song writing within Terrible Love makes this apparent. In a recent run with Rolo Tomassi they received rave reviews so this set is going to be huge.



Last time Heck played the cave at 2000Trees they got in a bin, this  time is guaranteed to be mayhem. Heck are regarded as one of the UK’s strongest live acts and with their recent album release they have proved themselves to be incredible as a recorded band. This is hardcore but not as we know it.



Yuck play a wonderfully individual style of slacker pop which will be a perfect fit for the closing stages of a festival. This is guaranteed to be an off the wall performance full of warmth and incredible showmanship.


Jamie Lenman

Jamie Lenman possesses one of the greatest voices in British music, he has such an enormous almost oxymoronic range that covers sweet fragility and a brutal snarl. He was in Reuben who were such an incredible band there is an entire camp dedicated to them at 2000Trees and when he finally released a solo album a few years ago it was two albums one heavy and one alt country.



Ash are Northern Irelands greatest indie export and this set is going to be full of hits, of which there are many.



This is one of the most exciting headliners in 2000Trees history, the Shape of Punk to Come remains one of the genre defining albums within hardcore and they are playing at a small festival in Cheltenham. This is going to be one of those sets you remember for ever, much like Alkaline Trio last year.


Line up poster - FINAL


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