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Published on May 1st, 2015 | by Ben Adsett


Smile and Burn, Roam, Moose Blood & Man Overboard – 29/04/15

Smile and Burn, Roam, Moose Blood & Man Overboard – 29/04/15 – Wolverhampton Slade Rooms

On Wednesday night I treated myself to a rare Wolverhampton based show, it has been absolutely ages since I’ve been in attendance at a Slade Rooms show and I was reminded how good the venue is. Sound is always huge and really well engineered and the room offers a decent view of the stage in 90% of standing positions. For me it’s just a shame the booking doesn’t often fit my musical tastes, it’s quite likely this is because my live band choices wouldn’t fill a venue.

I managed to time my arrival to be perfectly synced with Smile and Burn taking the stage to open the show. This German five-piece captivated the audience before they had even started a song, through passion and stage presence.  As far as opening acts go this performance was deserving of a band much higher on a bill and I am sure next time they make the trip to the UK they will be much closer to headlining. Smile and Burn play a hybrid of infectious catchy punk rock and clever technical melodic hardcore. Each and every song was delivered to the already packed audience with intensity, passion and heart and between songs there was more than enough time for the infectious good mood to be passed on with honest and engaging between song patter.

These five Germans really are worth a listen or if you are very quick a watch as they are quite possibly the best opening act I have seen in a very long time. The combination of punk ideals and at times heavy instrumentation was cleverly held together with solid melodies. These melodies included some killer hooks and sharp harmonies, I honestly can’t compliment Smile and Burn’s performance enough.

As S&B left the stage the audience where most definitely warmed up and started to file towards the front for what proved to be yet another spectacular performance. Roam took the stage and within about ninety seconds had to stop mid song to check on an unfortunate crowd surfer who fell from the top of the pile and smashed his head. All credit to the band though there are a lot of acts that would have just carried on playing but there was genuine concern all round. As a live act these five young guys played with intensity and absolutely smashed through a tenacious set of fast punk songs. The singer spent a decent proportion of the set stood on the guard rail singing into and with the crowd whilst the rest of the band played their hearts out on stage. For a young band there was a huge amount of support from the crowd and a very accomplished set delivered with great stage presence.

Moose Blood were the next to fill the room with a genuine sense of excitement, like me the crowd seemed to really be feeding off the quality of these live acts. At the moment MB are on cusp of doing something amazing in the UK and with this set they spelt out in no uncertain terms why they are sure to be the next big thing. As a live act they have their set down to an art with faultless transitions between songs and an almost mechanical tightness in sound and at times movement. Musically they have a sound which is mature beyond their years, with subtlety, fragility and lyrical prowess beautifully balanced with aggression and the occasional wall of fuzzy noise. If one thing became clear from this set every kind word that has been written about Moose Blood is correct and you should get listening and watching as soon as possible.

Man Overboard were the final act to take the stage after the crowd were worked into an absolute frenzy by the other three acts. They took the stage and they delivered a hit filled set which had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. If you are a pop punk fan you will most likely already have an idea of what to expect from Man Overboard and they delivered exactly that. They were passionate and excitable during and in between songs and the audience really did go wild for them, of course over all the years of touring they have done they had their live set exactly on point.

For me the show was completely stolen by the earlier acts in particular Smile and Burn and Moose Blood.  I can’t praise them enough!

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