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Published on April 20th, 2016 | by Ben Adsett


PREVIEW – 2000 Trees Festival 2016 – 7th-9th July 2016

Much like every year for almost a decade it’s now April and there is one thing on my mind festival season. As always the jewel in the glittery festival crown will be 2000Trees which offers the perfect combination of amazing line up, atmosphere and scenery (and for the last two years weather). This award winning small festival somehow offers the line up of a festival much bigger and the price of a festival which is much smaller.

Every year I write a 2000Trees Festival preview it sounds more and more like a love letter, it probably has something to do with the amazing memories the festival site holds. Last year Alkaline Trio played and all my teenage dreams came true and in previous years I have had a gin cry to Frank Turner, watched Heck (at the time Baby Godzilla) play in a bin, picked my jaw from the floor watching a Trash Talk and the Bronx double header and hugged strangers in a Dananananaykroyd wall of hugs. The memories are infinite and will continue to be made year on year.

This year there are so many moments full of potential, The Refused headlining is going to tick teenage boxes again and there will be hometown hero welcomes for Jim Lockey and Milk Teeth which will guarantee full tents and a chance to emote.

The line-up is solid gold already and this is before it’s fully announced, even if the weather doesn’t hold out there are bands on this line up it would be worth wading through mud, standing in the rain or any other weather condition to watch.

The line-up is so good it’s impossible to condense it into a top 5 so to revert temporarily from type here are the 10 ‘must sees’ so far!



These genre defying Swedes are going to absolutely slay the mainstage, with the release of ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’ they laid down a blue print for how creative punk/hardcore could sound and a lot of artists picked this up. I have lost count of how many acts have listed Refused as a point of influence in interviews. With the recent(ish) release of the follow up the band once more embraced creativity and pushed boundaries with a Bowieesq love of Saxophones and all the angry passion that has made them such an important band. If there is one band that will blow you/me/us away it is going to be the Refused, picture the scene the Refused taking the stage, the tree’s behind lit up as dusk falls and then tearing into hit after hit after hit.


The Bronx

Like almost every band on the line-up for 2016 I am sure the Bronx have at least one copy of ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’ between them, I would be confident in predicting the Bronx also being a main stay on many stereos/ipods within the line-up. The Bronx make Californian hardcore punk and play it hard, fast and full of passion, as a live entity they are exhausting to watch as passion and presence combine into a a brash blur of musical excellence.


The Spills

Wakefield indie punks on the Alcopop! label if there is a musical quality stamp in 2016 it may well be that smiling lemon. These four have somehow managed to become one of those best kept secrets up north but since the release on Alcopop! they haven’t stopped getting better, this may well be one of those sets where you find your new favourite band.


Muncie Girls

These Devon punks are full of attitude, a lot has been written about having a female singer but that’s irrelevant they are brash, fast and just the right amount of tender. Of the many much hyped bands on the bill I would pick Muncie girls as one to watch.



There is not much to say about this Leeds based foursome, Brawlers are amongst the most exciting acts in the UK right now and are one of the most interesting acts within the ever growing UK punk scene (represented by Milk Teeth, Creeper, Moose Blood etc. at Trees). The LP ‘Romantic Errors of Our Youth’ is an absolute stunner and with the addition of stage presence and a captivating performance style Brawlers are going to continue the upward trajectory by taking the roof off wherever they play.

andy O

Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers

Sometimes artists evolve like a Pokemon, with the mountaineers behind him Andy Oliveri is a perfect example of this. He is one of Cheltenham’s favourite sons and despite the change in musical style the musical backing still perfectly fits the vocal delivery full of fragility. The sun drenched shoegaze vibes are going fit perfectly into festival season!



In a similarly evolved form this is Sam Duckworth of both self-titled and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly fame’s new project. As has been a theme in Duckworth’s work this project is lyrically sublime and musically complex. He remains emotive and wonderfully open and in front of a festival crowd this is sure to be a memorable shared emote all round.


Jim Lockey

Jim Lockey another of Cheltenham’s musical sons will be playing an intimate set to the lucky few Thursday attendees. As a solo artist he promises a set full of hits and some new material, he has a weathered voice full of tender emotion and a dreamy turn of phrase. Being a rare home town appearance and as he is the longest serving member of previous 2000Trees line ups a sing-a-long and beautiful atmosphere is guaranteed.

smith st

The Smith Street Band

Australia is not famed for it’s punk rock routes but The Smith Street band could change this and put themselves on ‘the’ map rather than the Melbourne street map where their namesake can be found. Joking aside this is one of the hardest working bands around and through endless touring they have developed a strong fan base and an incredible live understanding as a band. TSSB offer the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon of sunshine and responsible drinking with your nearest and dearest.



By Heck, if you are in the vicinity of this set you are getting involved. Previous times I have been lucky enough to catch Heck (previously Baby Godzilla) they have jumped over my head into the crowd, played in a bin and caused a general level of mayhem. The intense live shows are an additional reason to love this band, on recording they make clever, technical hardcore with sharp tonged lyrics and a wonderful turn of phrase. I’m going to suggest it will be almost impossible to watch Heck and not be blown away they are a force to be reckoned with when playing on or off the stage.

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