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Published on November 23rd, 2013 | by Kenny Mach


Glee Club Birmingham: 22/11/2013 – Comedy

We’re at The Glee Club Birmingham again. We just can’t keep away! Ben and Rich were there the other day checking out singer/songwriter Chris TT and I’ve returned to check out the comedy.

Just like Fight Club, there are some rules we have to abide by at Glee Club to stop things from going mental. Don’t talk during the acts (you will get destroyed if you do) and you don’t use your phones and understandably so! When writing these things, usually I jot down a few notes, take a few pictures but you can’t do that, so this is wrote purely by memory and that is a good thing. It means only memorable and best moments of the evening make it into this write up.

With that in mind, I have 2 people who gave me major face ache. They were Vikki Stone and Chris McCausland.

Vikki Stone is a multi talented stand up / parody singer / songwriter and is strong contender for the happiest woman alive.  She has the voice of angel and the mind of a filthy beast. A piano virtuoso and a genius songwriter, her comedy comes from her musical performances.

One of them, was a love song she’d written. It featured samples from famous film scores which she sang including Jurassic Park, Schindlers List and Jaws 3, all combined to tell an epic love story. By the end, she had a packed room humming to the tune of John Williams’ Jurassic Park. There’s something I never thought I’d do on a night out! Throw in some ridiculous dinosaur impressions and there’s enough there to bring tears of laughter.

She’s also a master of celebrity parodies. Luckily for you, there’s a video on Youtube! Here’s a little taste of ‘The Brian Cox’ song which contains the lyrics “Bend me over your periodic table, make the centre of my star unstable” which literally had me laughing out loud.


Chris McCausland opened his set with this joke. “I must explain myself, I’m blind, not pissed as a c***!” After that one liner alone, I knew I had to strap myself in as it could only go up from there. My favourite type of comedians are those who aren’t afraid to cross that line and Chris gave us lots of that pushing sexism to another level which had me in stitches.

Following that was a joke about 5 Petes, which I won’t go into, but tease you a little to say that you have to see him at your next opportunity just to hear that.

As usual, I booked this the evening before, didn’t look at the schedule and had yet another terrific night of uncontrollable laughter at The Glee Club. The other acts Ellis James, Gavin Webster and compère Andrew Ryan were also a joy to watch.

My next night at the Glee will for Rough Works on the 8th December. Loads of comedians on the bill, usually 7 or 8 trying out new material all for less than a happy meal. Serious.

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