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Published on April 9th, 2015 | by Ben Adsett


2000Trees Announcement #4 Surely it can’t get any better …

So as I remind you with each and every line up announcement 2000Trees is comfortably the best thing that happens in the Cotswold’s and quite possibly the rest of the world too each year. With todays announcement it has taken on a whole new level of incredible line ups.

Take a deep breath, ALKALINE TRIO will be headlining the main stage on Saturday night, this is the same Alkaline Trio who have played sold out shows all over the world and graced the stage at almost every major festival you can imagine.


I am incredibly excited to see them play at what is essentially the most intimate main stage you can find at a festival. Like a lot of people my age or people who have a similar taste in music Alk3 defined many moments during my youth and young manhood from the discovery of a pop punk record that wasn’t about girls and summer in the shape of ‘From Here to Infirmary’ which remains one of my favorite releases. This LP also included relative chart success with some really strong singles you could certainly call solid gold hits. This album was so good Alkaline Trio even had a song used on CBBC’s Short Changed (the child friendly Watchdog).

After this release I was completely sold by the Chicago three-piece and with the release of Crimson my feelings bordered on love. This record really elevated the songwriting and musicianship and a lot like ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’ showed hardcore can be anything you want it to ‘Crimson’ proved this in a pop punk sense. It is beautifully dark and switches between valor and gentleness in an almost unrivaled way. Everything Alkaline Trio have released has made me feel something whether it’s the dark joy of ‘Private Eye’, humor of ‘Stupid Kid’ bleakness in almost everything on Crimson or the clever uses of metaphor and total darkness in ‘Agony and Irony’.

This is going to be a set to watch in awe, prepare your singing voice too because there will be some deafening sing-a-long moments.

In all this excitement I have forgotten to get excited about the Cave headliner for Saturday night, MCLUSKY*. As far as the heaviest of 2000Trees stages goes there couldn’t be a more suitable act to finish the weekend. Much like Jamie Lenman and The Bronx, MCLUSKY are firmly rooted in the line-up they are part of. There are few British rock acts that command the level respect MCLUSKY deserve, they were every bit as important as Rueben, Million Dead, Hell Is For Heroes and Hundred Reasons in the British rock movement of the noughties and really add a dilemma to the 2000Trees faithful on how to end a festival weekend.


Also announced today are Future of the Left, Benjamin Booker, VENNART (formerly Oceansize) and Hacktivist.


Si Maltas one of the top chaps in charge absolutely nails the 2000Trees ethos with this quote

“There are only 52 weekends a year and we are making sure that July 9-11 counts for those lucky enough to get hold of a ticket for 2000trees, it’s going to be one hell of a show!” said organiser Si Maltas.

If you are going to go BUY A TICKET now! This huge announcement is going to encourage a lot of tickets to sell in the next few days and I would predict another sell out year!

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