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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Ben Adsett


Mortal Kombat Legacy

I rarely write about TV/Film and I’m unsure I have ever written anything about a computer game or an internet based series so prepare to have your mind blown.

Do you remember Mortal Kombat as fondly as I do from your teenage years, it was basically a classic ‘Beat ‘Em Up’ with what now looks like comical violence. I remember being a youngster and playing MK on the Sega Megadrive whilst thinking it was the most gruesome thing I had ever seen, I was also blown away by the graphics. After a few years the Mortal Kombat film series appeared at a friends house on video tape and again I found this to be full of great special effects and top notch gore. Now computer games are not measured in bits, films are on disks and films like Hostel and Tokyo Gore Squad exist it turns out my younger self was wrong about the world and would have been blown away by the future we live in.


A few days ago I was for some unknown reason looking for clips from the MK films on You Tube and came across something incredible; Warner Bros. and NetherRealm have taken these hideously dated pieces of nineties film and modernised them into something pretty amazing. I have spent roughly a week checking these short origin stories out and would recommend you do too if you like martial arts, the nineties, action or like me were a fan of Sega Mega Drives and what seemed like ultra violence.

I guess this is what happens when people your age graduate/learn the skills required and start making films, fingers crossed for Streets Of Rage or Street Fighter in a similar style or a live action Mario Brothers film next.

Check out EP1 of season one here and thank me later



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