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Published on November 2nd, 2013 | by Jamie Powis


Top 5 Brands on Facebook and Twitter

Brands are battling for your attention on Facebook and Twitter which is, to them, a fantastic marketing tool to reach millions of people with little effort. It’s a strange battlefield where companies are mixed in with your personal life actually fighting with your friends and family to be number 1 in your timeline.

lasttocommentThere are loads of cheap ways to do it. You might see brands asking you to ‘LIKE’ or ‘SHARE’ in case we’ve suddenly forgotten that those buttons exist. This post actually made me throw up in my mouth a little…

There are some brands out there actually making great content though. Sure, they’re all after the same thing (more social followers and exposure driving people to buy their products) but they do it in an entertaining way. I want to share my favourite brands on Facebook and Twitter

Paddy Power

If you’re going to lose shed loads of money on gambling you might as well smile about it. The guys at Paddy Power have always had character from regularly sending out paper diaries to giving out football shirts for other teams when England get knocked out of international tournaments. On Facebook they’re just what you expect them to be…


Oreo Cookies

Oreo are the kings at reacting to what’s happening in the real world. For their 100th birthday they created a 100 bits of amazing content.

These guys have strong designers who make every post belong to the brand. Of course, they’ve got some great humour in them too!

Hilton Suggests

Hilton Suggests is a Twitter account that gives advice to people travelling. If you tweet that you don’t know what to do in New York these guys might just tweet you and suggest something. What’s great about this account is that Hilton aren’t focusing on their customers. They don’t care what hotel you’re stopping at.
It’s customer service before you’re a customer. A really useful account to follow if you travel a bit.



Innocent are great at what’s reflecting what’s going on in the UK from creating Movember permission letters to giving you a guide how to reposition your sundial for daylight saving time. They make their digital campaigns real with knitting competitions and even host feel good seminars. If this doesn’t appeal to you, they still post characterful images of cute animals that actually feel like they describe the brand and aren’t just pointless grabs for attention.


Tesco Mobile

Though not the sexiest of mobile phone networks they’re king of replies on Twitter.

The only problem is that they’re replies are so good people are tweeting them abuse constantly. Let’s hope they can actually turn the negativity around and not just become a place where people Tweet for an argument.

Have I missed something good? Let me know by commenting below.

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