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Published on March 7th, 2016 | by Ben Adsett


Product Review – The Shoreditch One

Sometimes something drops through the letter box which generates excitement on packaging alone, products from the Vape Shoreditch defiantly tick this box. The outside of packaging is simple and clean with a couple of bits of branding, on opening the first box the inner printing is full of colourful print and sharp images and this is before a product has even been opened. Within the simple choices of starter kits I selected the Shoreditch one, the classic option if you like. This offers a larger tank and slightly more battery life than the Shoreditch 2 it’s streamlined younger sibling meaning forgetting to fill/charge will not pose a large issue (although on reading the instructions it is possible to use these products whilst charging which is a great added feature).

Opening the box for the Shoreditch One is a treat, everything is delicately packed into a display box small enough to fit through a small letter box, each aspect is perfectly squeezed into the smallest possible packaging and there is something strangely pleasing about the coiled charging cable. There is clearly no expense spared in the presentation of this companies products and this must make every customer feel valued.


This may be the sleekest possible vape pen, matte black all over with a small but mighty display so you can keep up with battery and usage whilst you vape and small enough to fit in the pocket of the skinniest of jeans. This really is the leather jacket of vape pens it has a solid timeless appearance and everything you could possibly need it to do gets done with simplicity of use. The tank holds a decent amount of e-liquid making running out something that’s not going to happen in a day unless you are getting a lot of use in. In my experience a nearly full tank has lasted three to five days and way over three-hundred inhalations.

Simply put this vape pen offers everything that could be essential aesthetically and practically with affordability thrown into the mix too, a starter kit will set you back just under £20 and includes delivery (With the code at the bottom you can also add three flavoured e-liquids for 99p). The E-liquids offer an equal combination of both flavour and cloud that  can be exhaled, the liquids come in a variety of flavours and picking just three is likely to prove challenging. All liquids also come in three nicotine strengths which is a very good touch and can prove very helpful in gradually reducing nicotine intake whilst still taking care of cravings.

As this is a product that I have been using to quit smoking I have found exhaling a cloud of vapour which looks like smoke has definitely helped, these liquids and pens also don’t seem to result in a room filling exhalation as many larger models seem to.

Overall this product offers style and functionality for a very reasonable price, if you are considering stopping smoking I would definitely recommend Vape Shoreditch as an option. With long-term usage in mind they also provide a service where a box of your choosing will be sent to you periodicals so you will never run out of coils or liquid again.

So now I would recommend quitting smoking or just switching your vaping allegiance to Vape Shoreditch for two reasons:

1.It’s a lot better for you, in fact around 95% less harmful 

2. How does three bottles of Vape Shoreditch E-liquid for ninety nine pence sound?

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