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Published on February 13th, 2015 | by Jody Ball


15 films that are 20 years old this year…

It’s 2015!

If you’re like me you still think the start of the millennium was just a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t!

I’m warning you now this piece will make you feel old, we are going back to 1995 after all.

I couldn’t believe these films were this old myself…


Toy Story

toy story

A cowboy threatened by a spaceman. They’re the toys we all know and love. We saw them go on amazing adventures including Woody finding a girl and them battling against the evil toys of kids daycare centre. The film was so good me and my friends thought toys really did come to life when you left – I even tried to catch them out, but haven’t managed to yet.




A revolt of Scottish warriors against the English tyrants. This was Mel Gibson in his heyday a lot less Passion of Christ. It deserves the five Oscars it got at the time.


The Usual Suspects

Stephen Baldwin And Gabriel Byrne In 'The Usual Suspects'

It’s one of those films you can only watch once. The twisted events and an amazing film which is studied by film students everywhere – did you guess what was going to happen at the end?




Two detectives – a rookie and a veteran, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. They’re hunting down a serial killer that justifies his crimes because of the world’s ignorance of the seven deadly sins. I may not have initially watched this when it first came out but it is definitely one of my favourites now.




A pig who becomes a sheepdog! What more do you want? Animals that talk, a pig who can communicate with sheep and a spectacular win for the little runt – that’ll do pig, that’ll do!


Apollo 13

apollo 13

Who doesn’t love a space film? Another Tom Hanks fave and based on a true story, it’s one of those everyone has watched.


Batman Forever


One of the Tim Burton installments of the Batman series. Val Kilmer as Batman, Jim Carrey as The Riddler, Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, chuck in Nicole Kidman and Drew Barrymore and you have a hit. The Tim Burton versions may be some of my favourite versions of Batman.




There had to be a Bond movie on the list. It was Pierce Brosnan’s first time as 007. Good old British actors Sean Bean and Judi Dench joined him too.




A strong female Disney character who falls in love with an English colonist. Forbidden love was part of theme, telling the story of the ‘savages’ and the ‘new world’.




He’s the friendly ghost who makes friends with a paranormal experts daughter. But his uncles, Stretch, Fatso and Stinkie aren’t so nice and try to scare the two away before they find the hidden treasure.




This is the film that made me want to go to an American high school and be rich. But we can’t have it all! And if you remember there is a very young Paul Rudd in this one too – he’s come a long way to playing superhero Ant Man this year.


Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls


The sequel to Pet Detective, Jim Carrey doesn’t disappoint with this Ace Ventura character. He’s on the case of the disappearance of a rare white bat. He was at the top of his comedy game and cemented his place in one of my favourite comedy actors of all time. Plus everyone will remember that rhino ‘birth scene’.


Judge Dredd


I pride myself on sitting in and taking photos in the famous futuristic yellow taxi made by Land Rover from this film. It’s set in 2139 with flying cars and virtual reality too. Stallone plays Judge Joseph Dredd the most famous police officier. A must if you haven’t seen it after all these years.




We lost a great man last year and his film legacies live on including much-loved Jumanji. A board game which releases a number of dangers as well as a man who’s been trapped in the game for decades. Did you spot little Kirsten Dunst in it, as well as the legend that is Robin Williams.


Bad Boys

bad boys

It’s one of the best cop movies, well according to Hot Fuzz’s Danny Butterman says – you need to see Bad Boys. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are comedy gold with their bromance arguments and lives which are total opposites.


Have we missed any of your favourite films from twenty years ago? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.


By Jody Ball


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