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Published on March 6th, 2014 | by Ben Adsett


To The Crowd’s World Book Day Shelfies

Here at ToTheCrowd we don’t often write about books and we’re not going to start now! Here are some pictures of our bookshelves…


Books include A couple of Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole thrillers, Charlie Brooker’s I Can Make You Hate, autobiographies by Toby Young, Anthony Bordain and Steve Lamaq, The Motorcycle Diaries, Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook and Animal Farm.

Comics/Graphic Novels include Sin City, V for Vendetta, The Walking Dead, Scott Pilgrim and Modern Toss



I think you can probably tell a lot about someone by their bookshelf. Clearly I quite like pop music, with 1001 albums/songs you need to hear before you die and biographies of various bands. Novel wise, I like to rack up the classics. And generally, I like reading about people- hence the prominence of Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen and Nick Hornby on my shelf. Two more things you can tell about me from my bookshelf. I’ve got itchy feet say the travel books. And I’m horribly nostalgic say the enduring placing of my childhood favourites from Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter and Lewis Carroll.



I have to admit Ben has great taste in books – the Scott Pilgrim series proudly sits on my book shelf too.

Scott Pilgrim, Simon Pegg’s Autobiography – Nerd Do Well, Derren Brown Autobiography – Tricks of the Mind and Hyrule Historia. I’ve wrote more about them if you click on the picture.

Jamie's Selfie for World Book Day


I’ve just realised why I lack imagination… All I seem to have is autobiographies, panel show annuals, and 501 speeches. I officially fail at books! If this was “Through the keyhole”, you’d guess a guy who has an interest in radio, business and comedy… well, yeah, that’s me!



May I introduce you to my World Book Day #shelfie. It includes The Notebook, A Time To Kill, My Sister’s Keeper, I Am Legend and Man On Fire.

If I had read them, I’m sure I would post highly positive reviews on them. The blurb on the back of the blu-rays are certainly a great read, but why read the book when you can watch the film in high definition? Sorry, I don’t have any books!

Kenny Shelfie


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